Willie’s 26+ total years of experience as an officer and 17 years experience on SWAT  has allowed him the privilege to be a regional training coordinator for the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association and board member. Willie has traveled to numerous parts of Brasil to train the countries’ civil, municipal, state and federal police.
The State Department contracted Willie to travel to various parts of Mexico and train the countries’ civil, municipal, state & federal police departments. He was also tasked with coordinating and training detectives of the S.A.P.D.’s R.O.P. and Narcotics units, as well as officers of T.R.U. and S.A.F.F.E. units. Because of these numerous contacts, Willie and Off. Joe Obregon of the S.W.A.T. unit held courses for the Secret Service task force of San Antonio, Baytown P.D. & Fair Oaks Ranch P.D.
Currently, Willie is assigned to the Repeat Offenders Program “R.O.P.”, is an instructor for the San Antonio College Basic Peace Officer Academy – Phase III tactics, and is contracted by the S. TX H.I.D.T.A. group for training H.I.D.T.A. task forces in TX.

Joe is a 26+ year veteran of the San Antonio Police Dept. with over 20 yrs. assigned to the Special Weapons & Tactics unit, SWAT. As a “team leader” of the SWAT unit, Joe is tasked with planning of critical incident operations & high risk warrant missions. The majority of his career has been assigned to a proactive unit from patrol & the Gang Unit to the SWAT unit which has instilled a remarkable sense of “offensive” tactics he has utilized on the job & passed on to other officers through training.

As a member of the SWAT units competition team, Joe was crucial in the planning of strategies utilized in each competition event that propelled the team to win several SWAT titles from state to world competitions.

Joe is a SWAT unit trainer & excells in passing on valuable information to course students from real world experience. His vivid planning strategies allows for comprehensive scenarios that allow each student to obtain the best information from the course.

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