Balls vs Valor

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Balls Vs Valor

“Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

“Sun Szu”

Having been in mostly proactive law enforcement for over 27 yrs;’

You really understand having the value of having “balls”.

That might sound misogynistic  for a second if not properly explained.

So please bear with me.

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Mindset & Attitude: Getting Ahead

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Mindset & Attitude: Getting Ahead

As many of us have experienced before, we have attempted to accomplish something in our lives &, whether we have succeeded or failed, realized that our mental involvement had quite a lot to do with the results. I have realized at times that my mind was “just not in it” or my mind was completely “consumed with it.” I’m sure we have all seen this in others at some point in time. Our mental involvement or “mindset” must be present & active before we set out to accomplish anything in our lives. Read More

Our Own Worst Enemy

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I feel that our law enforcement profession is just that, a “profession”; one that holds very much responsibility. Our actions and decisions are documented and scrutinized by our administration to ensure we have followed policy and procedure as our legal system insures we have followed the C.C.P. and have all of the elements of the offense. We should consider law enforcement a “practice” like doctors who practice medicine or lawyers who practice law. I gather this is so because medicine and law are  ever changing and one cannot ever finish learning everything there is to know. Such is true of police work as crooks and crime trends are becoming savvier and ever shifting. While I do not believe we can ever be omniscient at what we do, I do believe we can attempt to be as close to it as possible. Read More

Complacency Kills: Some things never change…

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Complacency Kills: Some things never change… Since I started the academy, I was warned by instructors & FTO’s to “don’t get complacent, it’s dangerous!” Year after year, time after time, & in several law enforcement related circles I heard, what has become an “old adage”, that “complacency kills!” If this is true, why is complacency so prevalent in law enforcement to this day?! Read More


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“Old school” training taught us to check the stopped vehicle’s trunk upon the approach to contact the driver. There were two reasons for this; first to make sure it wasn’t slightly ajar as if someone was hidden inside & waiting to ambush us. The other was to “fingerprint” the vehicle with our own prints. From what I have heard, this is still being taught to this day in various law enforcement academies & I believe it’s distracting to the officer.

Older cars did not have “trunk” releases like cars nowadays that can be opened with a remote control, a button inside of the vehicle or from a safety lever from inside of the trunk. Before, if someone were inside, they’d have to hold the trunk slightly open to get out or someone with a trunk key would have to get out of the car & manually open it. The reality of a trunk ambush is very rare & always has been. So why are we taking our attention off of the “known” occupants of the vehicle to check an obviously closed trunk to guard against a rare amubush or, even more senseless, solve our own murder!?

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POLICE RADIO officer’s lifeline

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Once the call for help, cover or assistance is broadcasted & officers are “on the way”, it is undetermined as to the amount of time it will take for them to arrive. Oftentimes in an urban setting, cover is very close & will arrive quickly. However, as the incident escalates, seconds seem like minutes & minutes seem like hours. To continue to ask, yell or scream for cover, will not instantly make an officer or officers appear as would happen if your radio was a “magic lamp”. As the incident drags on, what are you doing to immediately help YOURSELF?! Read More