Balls vs Valor

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Balls Vs Valor

“Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

“Sun Szu”

Having been in mostly proactive law enforcement for over 27 yrs;’

You really understand having the value of having “balls”.

That might sound misogynistic  for a second if not properly explained.

So please bear with me.

“Balls” is slang for courage and bravery. We all need it.

The balls to  stand to injustice and be brave with our actions .

Unfortunately, many put so much value in having balls alone; we forget the value of Valor.

Many times, we confuse the idea of being brave with reactionary therefore forsaking the meaning of being brave in the first place. The problem with reaction is that you are losing the contest at this point…there has to be an action to react to in the first place.

The true measure of courage is not the weapon we can use but the conflict we can diffuse…that is valor.

It becomes a confident energy obvious to those you face. It subconsciously tells your adversary they will not win. For your adversary’s subconscious is the most honest.

With the proper mindset, proper use of available tools & knowledge of combat, Street Sense Tactical Training shows you how to develop these attributes.

Until next time ,

May the force of  Good, conquer all that is evil .