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I would like to take a moment to recognize Willie and the boys for their recent Combat Handgun course July 25-26, 2011, in Pharr, Texas. Without a doubt a “First Rate job” their leadership, dedication and professionalism shined in the 112 degrees Fahrenheit weather. It is with great pride that I extend my true appreciation for their hard work and dedication to S/TX HIDTA and all LEO’s present during this training. Again, thank you for putting on a first rate training.

"Alex Ramos, Assist. Chief Deputy US Marshals"

Years SWAT Experience
SAPD Officer

Tactical Tip of the Week



As police officers conduct a stop of a vehicle during their duties, the legal reasons that authorize an officer to conduct the stop vary from traffic infractions to immediate arrest. Most legal reasons are for traffic violations committed by daily drivers as officers strive to keep the streets & highways safe. These traffic stops are considered “routine” because most of the interactions result as more of a “customer/employee” interaction than an enforcement of law.

When an officer conducts several of these “routine” traffic stops daily, either as an officer assigned to the traffic unit or patrol officer & the contacts all appear as though they are customer service oriented, their tactics begin to lax due to their mentality of perceptual lack of danger. This is called complacency where both tactics & mentality stay in an easy common rythm expecting the same dangerless results. The obvious problem for an officer is knowing which stop will be the one that may be fatal to their life.

Mentally “clean your slate” after your last stop or before your next. Remind yourself that the next vehicle is not the same vehicle & the next occupant or occupants are not the same people. The reason for the stop may or may not be the same but remember that the cause for the violation is most likely not the same; running late, evading or escaping something. Each stop requires equal amount of attention to its occupants & tactics.

Street Sense Tactical Training was developed in 2010 with the “street cop” in mind.

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